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Aristotle 384–322 B.C. Athens and Mytilene 

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Questions of Virtue and Seeking the Good

What makes a human life good -- what makes it worth living and what must we do, not just merely to live, but to live well?

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Nichomachean Ethics

Stanford Encyclopedia of  Philosophy-  Aristotle's Ethics


Ziniewicz on Aristotle: Nichomachean Ethics

Nicomachean Ethics I-II Commentary by Paula Gottlieb

"Moral Knowledge and the Acquisition of Virtue in Aristotle's Nicomachean and Eudemian Ethics." 
The Review of Metaphysics
54; 3: 500-53, by Alex John London (Download PDF)

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Recommended Books

Peters, F. E. Greek Philosophical Terms: A Historical Lexicon. New York University, 1967.

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